Quality Policy

The basic principle of INGEMAR is to achieve a position of leadership and differentiation from other competitors in the sector. In order to achieve this, the Manager defines the following requirements that must be practiced in all the levels of the organization:

  • Making sure that all the activities in the firm comply with the requirements and highest demands of the customers.
  • Keeping a high level of innovation at all times in the development and service provision, in a quality system focused on a continuous improvement.
  • Defining a continuous learning program that allows to have highly qualified staff to perform the activities in the firm.
  • Keeping a high level of compliance of the established procedures and compromise with client service.
  • Defining the staff responsibilities and the achievement of the set objectives.

As a tool for the achievement of our quality objectives, the Manager of Ingemar has the authority and takes the responsibility of implementing a quality system in all the activities and directs all the steps in order to achieve a continuous improvement.